NOILION Debuts the Energetic Video for Their Song “3”

The new Tokyo-based group NOILION released a music video for their track “3,” the opening theme song of Netflix’s Ultraman Season 2, earlier this month. The video was released on May 12, about a month after the show’s April 14 release. “Through the production work of TeddyLoid and the vocals of singer LIO, “3” captures many themes within the story of ULTRAMAN including facing conflicts, hardships, and loneliness,’ describes the press release

“The new music video that accompanies the song, directed by Keita “Konnie” Aoki, centers around singer LIO surrounded by dancers and an array of effects and lights which capture the energy of “3”.  In the video, the other members of NOILION, KILLIT, and REAK, can be seen in flashes but remain mysterious figures.”

NOILION said of their song: “There are struggles that must be challenged in order to live, yet we must find the answer in our hearts, believe it, and move forward. While resisting adversity, we made the song “3” with the determination to aim for further heights and have courage when creating the sound. We are honored to help ULTRAMAN Season 2 to become a work that gives hope to people living in the present age.”

Ultraman Season 2 Key Visual

Source: Press Release

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