Trailer for Upcoming Mahou no Nai Sekai de Ikiru to Iu Koto Indie Anime Music Video Released

Image source: Euluca Lab. YouTube channel

A trailer and poster for an upcoming indie anime music video titled Mahou no Nai Sekai de Ikiru to Iu Koto have been uploaded ahead of the project’s early Summer 2022 release. 

The anime music video is the graduation project of Twitter user @SuperciderX or Akiwashi, who fulfilled the roles of director, scriptwriter, character designer, animator, background artist, 3DCG animator, and compositor. Akiwashi tweeted that the project required a period of one year and five months and around 140 cuts.

Mahou no Nai Sekai de Ikiru to Iu Koto will feature voice acting performances from Natsuki Hanae and music artist philo. philo is also providing the vocals for the music video’s song, which is produced by MARUMOCHI LABEL. The songwriting and planning are credited under the Euluca Lab. creative team.

A rough animation that depicts another story related to the music video will also be released this year.

Source: @SuperciderX

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