Seven Seas Entertainment Licenses Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Fafnir the Recluse Spinoff, Polar Bear Café, & More Manga

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© coolkyousinnjya and Nobuyoshizamurai

Seven Seas Entertainment has announced a slate of new manga series, set for release on both print and digital platforms in North America. 

Some of their news licenses include a manga spinoff of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, which is also published by Seven Seas, a Collector’s Edition of Polar Bear Café, and the intriguing My Secret Affection, among other series. 

Coolkyousinnjya’s Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Fafnir the Recluse manga series will be released for the first time in the English market on both print and digital formats. The series follows the otaku dragon Fafnir in his own adventures with his roommate. The manga spinoff will be published in single volume editions, with the first volume set for release in January 2023. 

dragon maid fafnir the recluse manga volume one cover
© coolkyousinnjya and Nobuyoshizamurai

Seven Seas describes the manga’s story as:

Fafnir is a dark, brooding curse dragon from the same world as Tohru, Kanna, and their friends. He’s also an otaku who’s as obsessed with games, merch, and doujinshi as he is with gold, jewels, and destroying all humans. This latest spin-off from the popular Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid series follows Fafnir’s daily life in a shared apartment with Kobayashi’s otaku coworker Takiya, where Fafnir tries to get along with humans and dragons—or just avoid them!

Another new license from Seven Seas is the long-titled manga series Backstabbed in a Backwater Dungeon: My Party Tried to Kill Me, But Thanks to an Infinite Gacha I Got LVL 9999 Friends and Am Out For Revenge. Shisui Meikyou is writing the manga with Takashi Ohmae and tef handling the artwork. The series is about a weak adventurer who plans his revenge on his old party members by using a new skill with the help of sexy new friends.

It was first published in Magazine Pocket on May 25, 2021. The first volume of the series will be released on both print and digital formats in December 2022. It will be published as single volume editions in North America. 

backstabbed in a backwater dungeon manga volume one cover
© Shisui Meikyou, Takashi Ohmae, and tef

The manga is described as: 

A kid named Light is the only human member of the adventuring party Legion of Races, but humans are by far the weakest race in his world. When his comrades abandon him to the lowest levels of a dungeon, Light resorts to the gift of Infinite Gacha to create a harem of Lvl 9999 allies! With his powerful and beautiful new friends by his side, can Light escape the dungeon and exact vengeance upon the Legion of Races…and the entire world?

Riddle Kamimura’s Ex-Yakuza and Stray Kitten will also be released in North American bookstores. The comedic slice-of-life series follows the adventures of an adorable kitty and a tough former gangster with a secret soft side. It was first published in MAGxiv on August 24, 2020. 

The first volume will be published in November 2022 as single volume editions on both print and digital platforms. 

ex yakuza and stray kitten manga volume one cover
© Riddle Kamimura

Ex-Yakuza and Stray Kitten is described as: 

One cold and rainy winter’s day, a tiny kitten named Sabu is abandoned on the side of the road. When Sabu is rescued by Jin, a retired yakuza boss, the poor kitten fears things have gone from bad to worse–and that this would-be savior has murder on his mind! Yet beneath Jin’s scarred hands and scary face lies a sweet man who loves pampering kitties with baths, bottle-feedings, and whatever else his tiny companion needs. Be sure to get your paws on this hilariously adorable tale about an unlikely pet pair!

Polar Bear Café: Collector’s Edition collects all chapters from Aloha Higa’s slice-of-life manga series about a polar bear running his own café. The series was published in the monthly josei magazine Flowers from February 28, 2006 to April 27, 2013. Five tankoubon volumes collecting 100 chapters of the series were published in total. 

The manga inspired a 50-episode anime television series that aired from April 5, 2012 to March 28, 2013. Studio Pierrot was in charge of animation production for the adaptation. 

polar bear cafe manga volume one cover
© Aloha Higa

The Collector’s Edition of the manga series will be published as four single large-trim volume editions in January 2023. They will include bonus color content pages on both print and digital formats. 

Seven Seas describes Polar Bear Café: Collector’s Edition as:

Polar Bear has a penchant for puns and runs a serene café frequented by humans and animals alike. Regulars include a panda who has a part-time job being a panda at the local zoo, his keeper (who has a crush on the café’s waitress), and a pretentious penguin. Join the colorful clientele through the seasons in this comforting and humorous manga about daily specials, romantic complications, and quirky workplaces, a tale that inspired a 50-episode anime adaptation. 

Seven Seas will also release the sci-fi romance manga series My Secret Affection by Fumi Mikami. The story follows a girl and a boy who fall in love with each other in a world where same-sex attraction is the norm. The manga was first serialized in Kodansha’s shoujo manga magazine Dessert, concluding in 2022. Two volumes of the manga have been published in total.

The first volume will be released as single volume editions in North America in January 2023. It will be available on both print and digital formats. 

my secret affection manga volume one cover
© Fumi Mikami

The manga is described as:

It’s been thirty years since meteorites from space turned everyone on the Earth gay. In a world where heterosexuality no longer exists, Takanashi Kazusa falls for her childhood friend Ayumu–a boy. Though she’s doing everything she can to act normal whenever they hang out, her love for Ayumu is growing stronger by the day. How much longer can she hide her secret feelings?

Source: Seven Seas Entertainment

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