Osomatsu-san: Hipipo-zoku to Kagayaku Kajitsu Releases Main Trailer and Visual


The upcoming Osomatsu-san: Hipipo-zoku to Kagayaku Kajitsu movie has released a main trailer and visual ahead of its July 8 Japanese premiere. The visual is illustrated by character designer Eiji Abiko (Cells At Work! Code Black, Mr. Osomatsu 3rd season).

Described as an adventure-comedy, the new movie sees the Osomatsu brothers arriving on a mysterious island while searching for a fruit that can supposedly grant wishes. The island is home to the enigmatic Hipipo clan in the movie’s title and, as shown in the trailer and visual, an array of creatures including dinosaurs and a giant praying mantis. The trailer previews the brothers experiences on the island and the “Reiwa version” of AOP‘s “Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoiko Dake,” which was the opening for Mr. Osomatsu‘s first season.

Osomatsu-san: Hipipo-zoku to Kagayaku Kajitsu is one of two Mr. Osomatsu (Osomatsu-san) anime that were announced to celebrate the 2015 Studio Pierrot-produced series’ sixth anniversary. The second anime will be released in 2023.

The new Mr. Osomatsu movie is directed by Yoshinori Odaka (BEM, Mr Osomatsu Season 1-3 storyboarder and episode director) with a screenplay by Shuu Matsubara (Mr. Osomatsu Seasons 1-3 series composer and scriptwriter). Other returning staff from the series include Seiki Tamura as art director, Yukiko Kakita as color designer, Tooru Fukushi as photography director, and Yukari Hashimoto as music composer. Joining Fukushi as photography director is Youichirou Satou (White Album 2). Studio Pierrot is the animation production company.


Mr. Osomatsu is inspired by the 1962 Shogakukan-published gag manga series Osomatsu-kun by the late Fujio Akasaka. The anime aired its third season from October 2020 to March 2021. A previous anime movie was released in 2019, while a a non-Pierrot-produced short form web anime was released in 2016. The 2015 anime has also spawned other media in the form of a Shueisha-published manga by Masako Shitara, novels, and games.

Akasaka’s manga previously received two anime adaptations, including one produced by Pierrot, and a 24-minute anime film in the second half of the 20th century. A live-action movie was released in Japan this March.

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