Vtuber Kaida Haru Releases Anime Music Video for New Single

Image source: 甲斐田 晴 / Kaida Haru【にじさんじ】YouTube channel

Nijisanji’s Kaida Haru has released an anime music video for his new digital single, “Toumeina Shinzouga Naiteita,” which is set to release at midnight on May 7. 

The making of the three-minute-long music video is credited to Riri Yamashita, who has previously worked on various other music videos. Some of Yamashita’s past music video credits include Nijisanji’s Kuzuha‘s “Amagami,” Hololive’s Minato Aqua‘s “I Wanna,” and mafumafu‘s “Kamisama no Idenshi.” 

“Toumeina Shinzouga Naiteita” will be released on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Line Music, and other platforms and digital stores.

Source: @nijisanji_app

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