The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting Gets 2nd Trailer and July 7 Premiere


The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting is set to premiere on July 7 in Japan, a new announcement has revealed. A second trailer providing a preview of its cast, tender moments, and opening song “Mirai no Hero Tachi e” by Shou Takeyaki was also released.

The upcoming anime also received a main visual as well as more staff and cast details. The newly announced staff includes Shunichiro Yoshihara (Baki Hanma) as art director, You Iwaida (Otherside Picnic) as color designer, Rieko Koike (Hinako Note) as photography director, and Takurou Iga (Slow Loop) as music composer. Additionally, Kuniaki Masuda (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax!), Satou Motoaki (Dropout Idol Fruit Tart), Mizuki Furiya (86 Eighty Six animation director), and Masuda Shunsuke (Farewell, My Dear Cramer: First Touch soccer animation director) are credited as main animators.

Meanwhile, the newly announced cast members include Wataru Hatano as Rei Hojo, Jun Fukuyama as Masaya Hayami, and Hiroshi Kamiya as Yuuri Mashiro.

The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting is based on the MICRO MAGAZINE-published manga by Tsukiya, which began in 2018 and has seven volumes as of February 2022. The manga is currently serialized on Comic ELMO and published under the label of the same name. Kaiten Books publishes the manga in English.

BookWalker Global describes the manga as:

Kirishima Tooru is the right-hand man of the Sakuragi crime family. For him, the job is a perfect excuse to let his violent instincts run wild, earning him the nickname “the Demon of Sakuragi”. It seems like nothing will stand in the way of his vicious nature.

But then one day, he receives an assignment like never before from the boss—babysitting his daughter!

This is the heartwarming (or is it bloodcurdling?) story of a little girl and her yakuza caretaker!

The previously announced staff of the anime includes Itsuro Kawasaki (Chuuka IchibanGekijouban Tsubasa Chronicle: Tori Kago no Kuni no Himegimi) as director, Keiichirou Oochi (Girlfriend, Girlfriend) as series composer, and Hiromi Ogata (Magic Kaito 1412) as character designer. feel. and GAINA are the animation production studios.

As for the previously revealed cast members, they include Yoshimasa Hosoya as Tooru Kirishima, Misaki Watada as Yaeka Sakuragi, Kaito Ishikawa as Kei Sugihara, Ryouta Takeuchi as Kazuhiko Sakuragi, Mai Nakahara as Miyuki Sakuragi, Misa Kobayashi as Kanami Kurosaki, and Tomoaki Maeno as Touichirou Aoi.

Source: The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting website

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