Dropkick on My Devil!! X Airs July 2022, Hatsune Miku To Make An Appearance

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© ユキヲ・COMICメテオ/邪神ちゃんドロップキック製作委員会

Dropkick on My Devil!! X is slated to premiere this coming July 2022. The production team also posted a new key visual featuring old and new characters from previous seasons. They also revealed that Vocaloid legend Hatsune Miku will be making an appearance in the show, posting her character design stills. 

This will be the third season of the Dropkick on My Devil!! anime series and will contain 10 episodes. Its confirmed release in summer 2022 coincides with the tenth anniversary of Yukiwo’s original manga.

Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) Asano Ruri was selected among 11,000 auditioners to play the vampire princess Ecute in the latest season. Rena Hasegawa will play her instructor, Atre.

The anime production team also revealed that Hatsune Miku would be making an appearance. They posted her character stills on their Twitter page. 

A successful crowdfunding effort was run to kickstart production on Dropkick on My Devil!! X. Around 2,880 backers raised 36,181,238 yen (US$351,100) for the anime’s overall funding. A campaign backer pledged as much as 1.1 million yen (US$10,000) to name the new season’s title. They chose the letter “X” because they hoped Yurine and Jashin-chan would continue to cross and fight each other forever.

Other backers also pledged around 220,000 yen (US$2,000) to name each of the third season’s episode titles. 20 backers pledged the same amount of money to voice numerous background characters. Dropkick on My Devil!! will also have special collaborations with three cities in Hokkaido and Nagasaki prefecture. 

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© ユキヲ・COMICメテオ/邪神ちゃんドロップキック製作委員会

The first two seasons of Dropkick on My Devil!! aired in 2018 and 2020 respectively. Both had Kazuyuki Fudeyasu as series screenwriter, Makoto Koga as character designer, and NOMAD as the animation production company. Hikaru Satou directed the first season and served as chief director on the second season. Yano Takanori directed the second season in his place.  

The original manga series was first published in 2012 under Flex Comix’s Meteor Comics label. It received a one-shot manga spin-off titled Minos no Beef 100% that was serialized in 2019.

Amazon streamed the first 11-episode season in July 2018. Crunchyroll licensed and released all 11 episodes of the second season in April 2020. 

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© ユキヲ・COMICメテオ/邪神ちゃんドロップキック‘製作委員会

Amazon describes the anime series as:

Jashin-chan, a devil from Hell was abruptly summoned to the human world by Yurine Hanazono, a stoic college student who lives in a run-down apartment in Jinbocho. They’re forced to become roommates since Yurine doesn’t know how to send Jashin-chan back. But according to Jashin-chan, she could return by killing Yurine, so she takes action…?! A viperous roomie comedy that keeps you on your toes!

Source: Jashin-chan Official Anime Twitter

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