Seven Seas Licenses Uncut Ayakashi Triangle Manga & Five More Titles in March

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Seven Seas Entertainment has announced a slate of new upcoming releases on March 23, 2022. All new releases will be available on both digital and print platforms within specific release dates.  

Their biggest acquisition is an uncut release of Kentarou Yabuki’s Ayakashi Triangle for their mature Ghost Ship imprint. The gender-bender romantic comedy series is currently serialized digitally in Viz’s Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps. The first volume will be released in November 2022 in single volume editions. 

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Ayakashi Triangle was first published on June 15, 2020 and has published eight tankoubon volumes so far. An anime adaptation of the series was announced at Jump Festa 2022

The manga’s story is described as:

Teenager Kazamaki Matsuri has long been part of an elite force of ninja exorcists, tasked with fighting malicious ayakashi spirits who threaten Japan–especially those after his childhood friend, the spirit medium Kanade Suzu. As he fiercely protects her, and his relationship with her blooms from friendship into something more, a powerful cat ayakashi vows to get between the lovebirds: by casting a forbidden spell that turns Matsuri into a woman! With no apparent way to undo the spell, Matsuri must continue battling ayakashi–and go back to school–in this new feminine body until he can find a way to turn back.

Seven Seas has also licensed the slice-of-life yuri manga series Futari Escape by Shouichi Taguchi. The modern romance series was first published in Comic Yuri Hime on July 18, 2020. The first volume will be released in North America in November 2022 in single book editions. 

futari escape volume one manga cover
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The series is described as:

Two young women–one an overworked manga artist, the other a complete slacker–try to escape the realities of adult responsibilities. Whether it’s running off on a day trip instead of being productive or going into debt for an epic meal, the two always have fun when they’re together! Enjoy this delightful (and relatable) slice-of-life tale about the little pleasures in ducking away from the hard stuff.

Based on the comedy-fantasy light novel of the same name, Seven Seas will release the manga adaptation of I Got Fired as a Court Wizard so Now I’m Moving to the Country to Become a Magic Teacher. The series is written by Rui Sekai and illustrated by Kyou Kitazawa, who takes over for illustrations from original artist Daburyuu. The first manga volumes will be released in October 2022 in single volume format. 

court wizard manga volume one cover
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The manga is described as:

Jade was one of the strongest mages in his entire country, boasting the coveted post of Court Wizard. Unfortunately, a twist of fate saw him fired from that gig, and now he’s wound up teaching at a magic school way out in the boonies. Worse yet, he’s in charge of a class of losers and misfits who have earned the scorn of the academy’s elite. Channeling both his skill as a royal magician and his earnest desire to help his students achieve their dreams, can Jade turn this class of rejects into a force to be reckoned with?

Another manga series based on a light novel, I’m the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire! will make its English debut later this year. The mecha harem manga is written by Yomu Mishima and illustrated by Kai Nadashima, handling the series’ artwork based on Nadare Takamine’s original designs. The first volume will be released in December 2022 in single volume editions.

i'm the evil lord manga volume one cover
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The manga adaptation is described as: 

In his last life, Liam lived as a moral, responsible person…but died deep in debt and betrayed by his wife. Reborn into the ruling family of a vast interstellar empire, Liam knows that life is divided between the downtrodden and the ones who do the stomping, so this time he’s going to take what he wants and live for himself. But somehow, things refuse to work out that way. Despite doing his best to become a tyrant, Liam’s decisions lead to nothing but peace and prosperity for the empire under his rule, and he just gets more and more popular!

Seven Seas will also release both the light novel and manga versions of Though I Am an Inept Villainess: Tale of the Butterfly-Rat Body Swap in the Maiden Court. Satsuki Nakamura is credited with the original story for both formats. Ei Ohitsuji is doing the artwork for the manga while Yukikana provides illustrations for the light novel. 

inept villainess light novel volume one cover
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The light novel will be published by Seven Seas’ Airship imprint in September 2022 in single large-trim editions. The first volume of the manga will be released in a similar format in November 2022. 

inept villainess manga volume one cover
© Satsuki Nakamura, Ei Ohitsuji, and Yukikana

The light novel and manga series is described as:

In a kingdom inspired by historical China, five clans put forth their maidens as imperial consorts–but only one will be crowned empress. The frail and beautiful Kou Reirin, the so-called “butterfly” of the imperial court, is a shoo-in to marry the crown prince. But when “court rat” Shu Keigetsu lashes out at her during the glittering Lantern Festival, it’s Reirin who wakes up in the dungeons! Body-swapped by her assailant to steal her position at court, Reirin’s plight seems dire…to everyone else! Now that she’s got a robust new body, not even the looming threat of execution can stop her!

Emboss’s cute, slice-of-life cooking manga Ramen Wolf and Curry Tiger will also make its North American debut later this year. It’s a charming tale about a pair of furry foodies savoring the best food their city has to offer. The first volume will be released in print and digital single volume editions in August 2022. 

ramen wolf and curry tiger manga volume one cover
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Ramen Wolf and Curry Tiger is described as:

Meet your new favorite food critics: a chubby wolf named Mita Jirou and a ripped tiger named Yanagi Kagetora. Kagetora used to eat to live, but all that changed when he met Jirou–who lives to eat! Jirou is more than happy to help his striped feline friend explore the restaurants and delicacies tucked within their city, and he enjoys all their finds with great relish. There’s nothing better than a hot meal to bring two guys together in this deliciously illustrated story of food, fur, and friendship.

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