Build Divide Code White Gets Trailer and Visual, April 2 Premiere

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Build Divide -#FFFFFF- (Code White), the follow-up to Fall 2021’s Build Divide -#000000- Code Black, has received a trailer and visual, as well as an April 2 premiere date in Japan.

It was also announced that the opening song for Build Divide -#FFFFFF- (Code White) is “Gold” by EGOIST, while the ending song is “A Shout Of Triumph” by Who-ya Extended. The former is previewed in the trailer.

The anime is part of a mixed-media project that includes a trading card game. The new season takes place three years after the events of its predecessor, with the virtual city of Neo Kyoto is now in ruins following Teruto’s quest to save Kikka. Kikka is no longer the city’s King, who functioned as the CPU of the city’s program, and is now being pursued by the King’s envoy KUGE. KUGE’s task is to send people to the “barrel,” so that their power may be stolen in order to preseve the King.

Build Divide -#FFFFFF- (Code White)‘s staff includes returning names like Yuki Komada as director, Yoriko Tomita as series composer, Shinpei Tomooka as character designer, and Keiji Inai and Kenta Higashiohji as music composers. LIDEN FILMS is still the animation production studio. 

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Meanwhile, the cast of Build Divide -#000000- CODE BLACK is returning for the second season, but the main characters are now Hiyori Munenashi (Aoi Koga) and Kikka (Yuu Serizawa). 

Source: Build Divide anime website

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