Shin Ikki Tousen Anime Unveils Trailer, Visual, and May 17 Premiere


The Shin Ikki Tousen ecchi martial arts anime has received a trailer, main visual, and May 17 Japanese premiere date. The trailer previews the theme song “PROUD STARS” by Konomi Suzuki in addition to the premise, ecchi elements, and action.

It was also revealed that Episode 2 and 3 will air May 24 and May 30 respectively, while a special program will air on May 10.

The staff of Shin Ikki Tousen includes Rion Kujou (IkkitousenShuugaku Toushi Keppuuroku, Ultramarine Magmell assistant director) as director, Masaya Honda (Boruto: Naruto Next Generation series composer (Ep 67~) and scriptwriter) as series composer and scriptwriter, Rin Shin (IkkitousenShuugaku Toushi Keppuuroku, Kingdom Season 3 sub-character designer) and Tsutomu Miyazawa (The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent creature designer) as character designers, Miyazawa as chief animation director, and Taiji Kawanishi (Kingdom Season 3 episode director) as unit director. 

Other staff include Fuzako Nakao (The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt) as color designer, Seo-Gu Lee (The Faraway Paladin) as art director, Shigeki Asakawa (IkkitousenShuugaku Toushi Keppuuroku, Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2) as photography director, and Yasuharu Takanashi (IkkitousenShuugaku Toushi Keppuuroku, Taisho Otome Fairy Tale) as music composer. Arms is the animation production company.


Meanwhile, the cast includes Masumi Asano as Hakufu Sonsaku, Ayaka Oohashi as Chubo Sonken, Yuuko Kaida as Shimei Ryomo, Hajime Iijima as Gakushu, Hitomi Nabatame as Uncho Kanu, and Yuu Asakawa as Shiryu Onyoun.

Shin Ikki Tousen is based on the Shonengahosha-published manga series by Yuuji Shiozaki, which began in 2015 and has four volumes as of March 2020. The manga began in 2000 as the Wani Books-published Ikki Tousen, which inspired numerous anime series and OVAs from 2003 to 2019. 

Shin Ikki Tousen came about when the physical version of Wani Books’ Comic Gum magazine ceased in 2015, causing Ikki Tousen to move to Web Comic Gum, the website iteration of the magazine. The Shin Ikki Tousen title was used when the manga moved again to Shonengahosha’s Young King Ours.

Amazon describes Ikki Tousen: The Complete Series Box Set as:

When these girls fight – clothes won’t last!

Everyone wants a piece of the new girl in town, but nothing turns Kakufu on more than a brutal street fight. She shrugs off her shredded skirts and tattered tops with a flurry of busty badassery while fighting to unite seven rival schools. And with no shortage of enemies, why take on one guy when she can take on ten? In this adventure where teenage brawlers are guided by jewels infused with the spirits of ancient warriors, Kakufu is content to flash her panties and crack some skulls. But like any hero, she cannot escape her destiny – no matter how dark it may be.

Source: @Animeikkitousen

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