Gundam Evolution Free-to-Play Shooter Gets New Trailers, To Release Worldwide in 2022


The free-to-play Gundam Evolution multiplayer shooter that was announced in 2021 has received two new trailers and a 2022 worldwide release date. The game will be available on Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

The Main Theme [Steve Aoki Evolution Mix] trailer for the Overwatch-like 6v6 shooter offers a quick look at its gameplay and three modes, Point Capture, Domination, and Destruction. The first two are expectedly themed around capturing objectives, while Destruction is a Bomb Defusal-type mode. Meanwhile, the Network Test trailer previews some of the mobile suits that will be in Gundam Evolution, including the Turn A Gundam, Methuss, Sazabi, Asshimar, Zaku II, Gundam Barbatos, Dom Trooper, and more.

The upcoming network test will be limited to North America and Japan. The North American test will run on Steam from April 7, 7 PM PDT to April 12, 6 AM PDT, with the registration period running from March 9, 3 PM PDT to March 28, 12 AM PDT. The game’s website notes that testers will be determined by lottery if there are too many applications. Details for the console network test will be announced later.

Gundam Evolution will feature various mobile suits from various Mobile Suit Gundam universes. Each has their own set of abilities and a special G-Maneuver skill, but a PlayStation blog post states that players won’t be limited to specific class roles. “Often, there is a necessity to not only select specific characters but also maintain the role of that character throughout your matches to win your battles,” says a developer blog post in reference to hero shooters. “For GUNDAM EVOLUTION, we wanted to provide players the freedom to select their favorite Mobile Suit Unit from their favorite Gundam Anime.”

Gundam Evolution currently has 12 mobile suits, but the network test will see the addition of Mobile Suit Gundam 00‘s Gundam Exia and Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn‘s Marasai. The game’s website also promises a “continuous flow of new maps, units, customization items and game modes.”

A Steam post for Gundam Evolution notes that supported platforms will differ depending on region, with more details to come at a later date. The PlayStation blog post says that the game will launch in Japan and North America simultaneously, while details regarding the European launch are yet to be finalized.

Source: @gundamevolution

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