The Other Side of the Clouds & Meet Me in the Unkept Garden Manga Licensed By Glacier Bay Books

the other side of the clouds manga cover
© Yoruno Hitsujigumo

Indie publisher Glacier Bay Books will publish Yoruno Hitsujigumo’s The Other Side of the Clouds and Soejima Asuka’s Meet Me in the Unkept Garden manga for the first time in English. Both series are due for release this coming spring, with pre-orders opening around April. 

The Other Side of the Clouds is a mystery slice-of-life manga series written and illustrated by new artist Yoruno Hitsujigumo. It was first published on April 26, 2020 and was serialized in Houbunsha’s Comic Fuz manga app and magazine. The story centers on a girl who has strange, dream-like experiences in a small seaside town. 

the other side of the clouds manga page
© Yoruno Hitsujigumo

The 180-page print manga will be available for retail in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Matthias Hirsh will translate the manga while Tim Sun handles lettering. Emuh Rah will be in charge of editing and design. 

Glacier Bay Books describes the series as:

A young girl moves to the seaside town of Kumogaura. Wandering under dazzling sun and ever-changing stars, she searches for meaning in an item from her past. CLOUDS is a record of those hazy, dream-like days in the mysterious little town by the sea.

Another young illustrator, Soejima Asuka, will also be getting their work published for the English market. Their manga, Meet Me in the Unkept Garden, will be available on both print and digital formats. The 32-page manga is Asuka’s debut work with English translation being handled by Molly Rabbitt. Lauren Eldon is in charge of lettering while Emuh Rah handles editing and design once again. 

Meet Me in the Unkept Garden is described as:

A place, a solace, a passion, GARDEN is a love affair exploring the quiet human drama that plays out in the small uncertainties and tangled constraints of everyday life.

Glacier Bay Books is a U.S based independent publisher that focuses on contemporary literature and art, works in the small press scene, and indie and alternative manga. They’re well-known for their indie manga anthology series Glaeolia which showcases the work of many burgeoning independent manga creators. The second volume, Glaeolia 2, was awarded the 2021 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Anthology. 

Source: Glacier Bay Books Twitter

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