Hololive Vtuber Members Team Up With Raku Spa

The third generation VTuber Hololive group members have teamed up with Raku Spa for the Furo Life (Bath Life) collaboration. The collaboration started on January 27 and will run until February 28.

As part of the collaboration, customers who pay the entry fee to the sento (communal bathhouse) as well as an additional 760 yen (US$6.57) can choose to receive one random neck towel from the A or B list. Those who pay a premium fee of 1,520 yen (US$13.15) on top of the entry fee will receive a total of two random neck towels, one from the A list and one from the B list, instead.

Prize A
Prize B

Additionally, there will be a collaboration menu as well as goods featuring original illustrations of the Pekora Usada, Rushia Uruha, Flare Shiranui, Noel Shirogane, and Marine Houshou from the third generation of Hololive.

The food items on the menu include the Seafood Ikura Tendon, the Mukashinagara no ~ Chashu Takusan Chinese Soba, the Pirate Stamina Steak, and the Mecha Uma★Noukou Cheese Tonkatsu. Meanwhile, the drinks and desserts include the Mango Sofuto Parfait, the Shirotama Ichigo Sofuto, the Flare Orange Tea, and the Shirogane Sweets.

As for the goods, they include keychains, badges, acrylic figures, plushies, towels, tapestries, and more.

For each order from the collaboration menu, customers will receive a random original illustration coaster.

Source: Hololive x Raku Spa

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