Crunchyroll Teases Special Preview For Blade Runner: Black Lotus Finale

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Crunchyroll has released a preview clip teasing the finale to Blade Runner: Black Lotus. The 13th and final episode of the series will air on Saturday, February 5 at 9:00 PM PST. Adult Swim and Crunchyroll will broadcast the episode simultaneously. 

The preview shows protagonist Elle at the old Tyrell headquarters where she finally meets face-to-face with her creator. She then comes into conflict with her replacement, the mysterious Water Lily. 

Blade Runner: Black Lotus is the latest installment in the Blade Runner franchise, taking place between the events of the first film and the critically acclaimed Blade Runner 2049. The series has ran for 13 episodes with Shinji Aramaki (Ghost in The Shell: SAC 2045) and Kenji Kamiyama (Eien no 831) co-directing the anime. Shinichiro Watanabe (Carole & Tuesday) was also brought on as creative producer. 

Arisa Shida and Jessica Henwick voice Elle, Shinshu Fuji and Will Yun Lee play Joseph, and Takako Honda and Samira Wiley voice Alani Davis. Other cast members include Takehito Koyasu and Wes Bentley as Niander Wallace Jr and Houchuu Outsuka and Stephen Root as Earl Grant. 

Crunchyroll describes the series as: 

Los Angeles 2032. A young woman wakes up with no memories and possessing deadly skills. The only clues to her mystery are a locked data device and a tattoo of a black lotus. Putting together the pieces, she must hunt down the people responsible for her brutal and bloody past to find the truth of her lost identity.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus features the collaboration between Adult Swim and Crunchyroll. Both companies will broadcast their next project, Shenmue the Animation, on February 5 and have previously collaborated in producing Fena: Pirate Princess.

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