Neon Sign from Serial Experiments Lain Inspires 99,990 Yen LED Sign

Image source: messa store website

The neon sign from Serial Experiments Lain‘s CYBERIA Cafe & Club has inspired a real-world LED sign that can be purchased for 99,990 yen, or roughly US$875.76.

The CYBERIA LED neon sign is being sold by apparel brand messa store as a build-to-order product. It uses silicone tubes and can either be suspended from a ceiling or wall with a wire or made to stand with the help of an acrylic plate.

Image source: messa store website

Aside from the LED sign, messa store is selling a black CYBERIA NEON T-shirt that sports a logo based on the sign from the cerebral 1998 sci-fi anime. The 5,720 yen (~US$50.10) shirt makes use of “super luminescent ink,” which is claimed to be brighter than regular luminescent ink, for the logo. The shirt also sports a mirror ball image that makes use of reflector ink on its side.

Both the neon sign and the T-shirts are available for purchase until February 6 at 11:59PM JST, with delivery beginning in March.

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