Backflip!! Movie Gets July Release Date, Visual and Trailer


The Backflip!! men’s rhythmic gymnastics movie is set to debut in Japan in July. The film has also received a key visual and a brief trailer.

The movie is a follow-up to the Backflip!! TV series first ran from April 2021 to June 2021 and will center on inter-high competition, which the main characters qualified for at the end of the series. Backflip!! is one of three anime projects, the other two being the movies The House of the Lost on the Cape and Hula Fulla Dance, that are part of the Zutto Ouen Project 2011+10.

Crunchyroll describes the Backflip!!series as:

The final summer of middle school, Shotaro Futaba discovers boys gymnastics and is completely enamored by it. Shotaro ends up going to Soshukan Private High School (aka Ao High) and decides to visit the boys gymnastics club. He’s greeted by very unique senpais and a star gymnast named Misato Ryoya. Dedicating your life to something you love during your fiery days of youth… Of course, there is frustration, and fights, but see how these boys work together as a team towards a similar goal in this drama about sports and youth.

The returning staff includes Toshimasa Kuroyanagi as director, Toshizou Nemoto as scriptwriter, Yuka Shibata as character designer and chief animation director, Fumiaki Kouta as the rhythmic gymnastics practice director, Emi Chiba as color designer, Yuka Hirama as art director, Shuuji Shinoda as CG director, Takahiro Hondai and Ryou Itou as photography directors, and Yuuki Hayashi as music composer. ZEXCS is the animation production company, with BUEMON handling the CG. Shibata’s designs are based on original character designs by My Little Monster manga creator Robico.


Hiromasa Ogura (Lupin the Third Part 6 co-art director) is joining Hirama as co-art director for the movie.

Meanwhile, the cast includes Shimba Tsuchiya as Shoutarou Futaba, Kaito Ishikawa as Ryouya Misato, Daisuke Ono as Masamune Shichigahama, Takashi Kondou as Keisuke Tsukidate, Hiro Shimono as Nagayoshi Onagawa, and Hiroshi Kamiya as Koutarou Watari.

Source: @bakuten_pr

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