ESTAB LIFE Multimedia Project From Code Geass Director Gets Trailer, Visual and More


ESTAB LIFE, a new multimedia project from Code Geass director Gorou Taniguchi, has received a trailer and visual, as well as several new pieces of information.

The trailer offers a glimpse of the project’s setting, character designs, and respective media. The project’s media include a previously announced anime series, an anime movie, and a mobile game.

ESTAB LIFE takes place in the far future, where humanity is dwindling after reaching its population peak. To ensure that humanity continues to thrive, an AI is created to manage the ecosystem. Additionally, a genetic engineering experiment involving ordinary humans, beastmen, demons, and more is carried out to diversify thee human race, and special cities called Clusters are created. These Clusters each have their own culture, are inhabited by suitable people, and are constantly overseen by AI to ensure that destruction does not befall them.

The ESTAB LIFE anime series, titled ESTAB LIFE Great Escape, is set to premiere in Japan on April 4, with the cast info to be revealed on February 3. It will be broadcast via Fuji TV’s+Ultra block among other channels. Crunchyroll will simulcast the show worldwide outside of Asia. 


The staff of the series includes Hiroyuki Hashimoto (Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM) as director, Shouji Gatoh (COP CRAFT) as series composer and scriptwriter, Yuusuke Kozaki (UNDER THE DOG) as original character designer, and Yoshiaki Fujisawa (Love Live! Super Star!!) as music composer.

Meanwhile, the movie is directed and written by Taniguchi and has the title of ESTAB LIFE Revengers’ Road. The game’s title is ESTAB LIFE Unity Memories.

Both the series and movie are produced by Polygon Pictures, while the game is developed by Square Enix. The anime is a joint production between Crunchyroll, Fuji TV, and creative company Slow Curve.

Sources: Establife website, YouTube Channel Plus Ultra

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