New Ensemble Stars!! -Road to Show!!- Trailer Previews Theme Song

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The upcoming Ensemble Stars!! -Road to Show!!- has received a new trailer, which shows off more scenes and previews the theme song “Life is so Dramatic!!” by the fictional SCREEN10 unit (which is made up of the 10 main characters in the film). The movie is set to premiere on March 4, 2022.

The movie, which is the latest anime to be based on the Ensemble Stars! mobile game by Happy Elements, is set in New York and will revolve around the Idol Film Festival. The story will be connected to the game as well.

Returning staff from the 2019 Ensemble Stars! anime series include Masakazu Hishida as director, Iizuka Haruko as character designer and chief animation director, Eri Suzuki as color designer, Tomoya Kamijou as photography director, and Tatsuya Kato as music composer. Happy Elements is the original creator and original character designer, while David Production is the animation production company.

Asami Nakatani (Ensemble Stars! episode director et al.) is chief director on the new movie. Happy Elements’s Seitarou Kinou is the scriptwriter, while Miu Miyamoto (Pompo: The Cinéphile co-art director) is the art director.

Meanwhile, the cast of Ensemble Stars!! -Road to Show!!- includes Kouhei Amasaki as Aira Shiratori, Tasuku Kaito as Kohaku Oukawa, Souma Saitou as Hinata Aoi, Showtaro Morikubo as Makoto Yuuki, Yuuki Kaji as Mao Isara, Chiharu Shigematsu as Mayoi Ayase, Daiki Yamashita as Ritsu Sakuma, Masami Itou as Izumi Sena, Toshiki Masuda as Rei Sakuma, and Junichi Suwabe as Ran Nagisa.

The Ensemble Stars! mobile game was released in 2015. Aside from anime, it has inspired several manga and a novel series. 

Source: BANDAI NAMCO Arts Channel

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