Key’s Summer Pockets Has Anime In The Works

Image source: VISUAL ARTS Japan YouTube channel

Key‘s 2018 visual novel Summer Pockets has an anime adaptation on the way, with the recent Key Channel 2-Hour Special Program revealing that the anime is currently in the planning stage.

The visual novel was first released on PC, iOS, and Android, with a Switch and Steam release following in 2019 and 2020 respectively. An upgraded version titled Summer Pockets REFLECTION BLUE with new heroines and routes was released in 2020 for PC and Android and in 2021 for iOS and Switch.

Playasia describes Summer Pockets as:

Summer Pockets is set on an isolated, rural, and peaceful island on the Seto Inland Sea called Torishirojima, which has a population of about 2,000 people. The protagonist is Hairi Takahara, a young man not native to the island. Hairi grew up in an urban setting, but after an unpleasant incident, he uses the recent death of his grandmother as an excuse to come to the island to take care of her estate sale. Once there, he gets to know four girls who are the focus of the story. They include Shiroha Naruse, who forgot her summer vacation; Ao Sorakado, who is pursuing the legends of the island; Kamome Kushima, a high-class girl looking for a pirate ship; and Tsumugi Wenders, a younger girl trying to find herself.

Summer Pockets marks the latest anime adaptation of a Key visual novel, the list of which includes Clannad, Air, Kanon, Little Busters!, Rewrite, planetarian, and Kud Wafter. There is also a crossover anime called Kaginado, which is getting a second season in April.

Source: VISUAL ARTS Japan YouTube channel

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