Mahoutsukai no Yoru Anime Movie Announced With Teaser Trailer

Image source: Aniplex YouTube channel

Type-Moon’s Mahoutsukai no Yoru: Witch on the Holy Night visual novel is getting an anime movie adaptation with Ufotable as the animation production company. A teaser trailer has been released.

Released in 2012, the Mahoutsukai no Yoru visual novel, or Mahoyo, is written by Fate/Stay Night’s Kinoko Nasu. It is the latest Type-Moon visual novel to receive an anime, following Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime. The female protagonist of Mahoutsukai no Yoru, Aoko Aozaki, has appeared in Tsukihime and other Type-Moon-related titles such as the Carnival Phantasm anime parody and the Fate/EXTRA video game.

Tech Gian Magazine (as translated by Akihabara Channel, via VNDB) describes the story as:

“Near the end of the Showa Era. (Late 1980s)

In the old mansion rumored that a witch lives, Aoko Aozaki who just started learning sorcery and her teacher, a young mage Alice Kuonji, lived together.

But as if he was guided by an invisible string of fate, a young boy called Soujuurou Shizuki joins them and a strange communal life begins…”

“Late 1980s. The golden age full of brightness and spirits. The boy who came to the urban city passes by the two witches who live in the present”

“The boy lived a really normal life

She lived with pride and confidence

The girl lived hidden as if she’s asleep”

Source: Mahoutsukai no Yoru Twitter

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