Aimer, Ikuta Lilas (YOASOBI), and milet Musical Collaboration Now Out on THE FIRST TAKE Youtube Channel

The most-awaited collaboration from the three popular J-pop and Anisong artists, Aimer, Ikuta Lilas (YOASOBI), and milet is finally here! The FIRST TAKE Youtube channel recently released their 178th episode featuring the three artists singing “Omokage”a song written by Vaundy specifically for the music channel. 

The musical collaboration was initially announced November 3, 2021 on THE FIRST TAKE’s official Twitter account. The collaboration also serves as a promotion for Sony’s new wireless earpiece, WF-1000XM4, as seen in the following video below. Sony is also the one behind THE FIRST TAKE Youtube channel.

This is the second major musical collaboration produced by THE FIRST TAKE. In 2020, they brought together LiSA and Uru for a recorded performance of “Saikai,” which was written by Ayase, the other half of the YOASOBI duo alongside vocalist Ikuta Lilas. 

“Omokage” Album Art
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