Crunchyroll Streaming The Ancient Magus’ Bride First OAD

Crunchyroll announced that it is streaming the first of three The Ancient Magus’ Bride OADs. The episodes are scheduled for March 10, 2022 in Japan. 

The first episode is titled The Ancient Magus’ Bride -The Boy from the West and the Knight of the Blue Storm. 

Crunchyroll describes the episode as: 

Just prior to Chise becoming a part-time student, during Cartaphilus’ brief nap… Chise receives an invitation to the academy, and she, with the help of Elias and the others, begins preparing. One such busy day, a spriggan arrives at their home on a strange horse, bringing news that “something is wrong with this Wild Hunt.” Gabriel, an ordinary boy who’d just moved from London, was bored. Of his situation, of being parted from his friends, of unfamiliar land. Of everything. He was staring through his window, as if to escape from it all, when he caught a glimpse of tobacco smoke. When he ran outside to chase it, the impossible happened: his world began to intertwine with the veiled world of the mages.

The OAD is set after the events of the 2017 TV series, with Cartaphilus slumbering and Chise having received an invitation to a magic academy. As Elias and the other inhabitants of the cottage help Chise with preparations, Spriggan visits with an ominous horse and news that there is something unusual about the Wild Hunt this time. Meanwhile, a boy from London finds himself crossing paths with the world of magic. 

The staff includes Kazuaki Terasawa (Overlord) as director, Hirotaka Kato (Great Pretender chief animation director) returning as character designer, Kohei Tokuoka (Bungo Stray Dogs, SK8 the Infinity) as chief animation director, and Junichi Matsumoto (Plunderer) returning as music composer. 

Other staff include Seiki Tamura (The Idaten Deities Know Only PeaceThe Ancient Magus’ Bride co-art designer) as the art director, Mayo Suzuki (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) as the photography director, and Yuuko Kobari (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) as the color designer. Studio Kafka is in charge of the animation production. 

Source: Crunchyroll

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