New Case Closed Movie Gets Visual and April 15 Premiere

The latest Case Closed/Detective Conan movie, titled subtitled The Bride of Halloween, has received a visual from creator Gousho Aoyama and an April 15 premiere date.

The Bride of Halloween will be the 25th Case Closed anime movie, and the latest since 2021’s The Scarlet Bullet.

The story involves a wedding between Detective Sato and Detective Takagi, which is interrupted by an attack that injures the latter. Meanwhile, there is a prison break involving the perpetrator of a bombing incident, and Rei Furuya encounters a mysterious costumed person who puts a collar bomb on him. As Conan and his circle investigate, they are targeted by a certain party. 

Goushou Aoyama’s Case Closed, or Great Detective Conan in Japanese, began in 1994 and has 99 volumes as of April 2021. The 100th volume is set to release on October 18. A TV anime adaptation began in 1996 and is still on-going. There have also been various OVA adaptations.

Source: Detective Conan movie Twitter

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