Reborn to Master the Blade Anime Announced, In Progress

An anime adaptation of the Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire light novel series is currently under way. The announcement comes ahead of the release of the light novels’ sixth volume on December 1.

The Hobby Japan-published light novels are written by Hayaken and illustrated by Nagu. The first volume was released in November 2019. The story began as a web novel that was first published on Shousetsuka ni Narou in March 2019. A manga adaptation began in December of the same year.

BookWalker Global describes the story as:

Hero-King Inglis’s last wish is to live again as a warrior. Though when he awakens, he realizes he’s been reborn as a girl to a noble family! Even when rejected from the knighthood, she sets out to be the most extraordinary squire there ever was.

From his deathbed, Hero-King Inglis, the divine knight and master of all he surveys, gazes down on the empire he built with his mighty hand. Having devoted his life to statecraft and his subjects’ well-being, his one unfulfilled wish is to live again, for himself this time: a warrior’s life he’d devoted himself to before his rise to power.

His patron goddess, Alistia, hears his plea and smiles upon him, flinging his soul into the far future. Goddesses work in mysterious ways—not only is Inglis now the daughter of a minor noble family, but at her first coming-of-age ceremony at 6, she’s found ineligible to begin her knighthood!

However, for a lady of Inglis’s ambition, this is less a setback and more the challenge she was (re)born to overcome. “It’s not the blood that runs through your veins that makes a knight; it’s the blood you shed on the battlefield!” The curtain rises on the legend of an extraordinary lady squire reborn to master the blade!

Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire previously received a mini anime series that was released on YouTube. The mini anime featured Akari Kitou as Inglis’s reincarnation Chris and Ai Kakuma as Rani.

Source: HJ Bunko Twitter

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