New Akuma-kun Visual Released, First Batch of Cast Members Announced

A new visual for the upcoming anime adaptation of Akuma-kun has been released. Several cast members have also been announced, with Yuuko Mita and Toshio Furukawa voicing the first-generation Akuma-kun and Mephisto the 2nd respectively. Furukawa is also voicing a new character called Mephisto the 3rd.

Akuma-kun was created by GeGeGe Kitaro‘s Shigeru Mizuki. The original rented manga series began in 1963 and ended in 1964, with several other versions following later. Two versions were published by Kodansha, while one was published by Shueisha. The last version of the manga was 1993-1994’s Akuma-kun: Nostradamus Daiyogen.

There are multiple versions of the protagonist as well, with the original being called Ichirou Matsushita. The new anime will have two Akuma-kuns, Mita’s character (whose real name is Shingo Umoregi) and a second-generation Akuma-kun who will serve as the protagonist.

A previous Akuma-kun anime series, which also had Mita and Furukawa voicing Umoregi and Mephisto the 2nd respectively, premiered in 1989. The 1989 anime is based on the 1988-1990 Saishinban Akuma-kun manga. There are also two anime movies in addition to other media adaptations.

The new anime adaptation’s staff includes Junichi Satou (Akuma-kun series director, A Whisker Away co-director) as chief director, Fumitoshi Oizaki (A Centaur’s Life chief director, Etotama) as series director, and Hiroshi Oonogi (GeGeGe no Kitaro Season 6) as series composer.

Source: Kitaro Anniversary Movie and Akuma-kun anime Twitter

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