CUE! Anime Gets New Trailer and Visuals, Premieres January 7

The upcoming CUE! anime has received a new trailer and two key visuals, as well as a premiere date of January 7. The new trailer is labelled as “Team PV Ver.Moon,” while the visuals are labelled “Moon” and “Wind” respectively.

CUE! is based on the 2019 idol training mobile game of the same name. In April 2021, the game’s services were halted so that improvements could be made.

The anime’s staff includes Shin Katagai (Re:Stage! Dream Days) as director, Tatsuhiko Urahata (Baki) as series composer, Motohiro Taniguchi (Re:Stage! Dream Days) as character designer, Rie Nishimura (Fena: Pirate Princess character designer) as sub-character designer, and Ryosuke Nakanishi (High School DxD, Kuroko’s Basketball) as music composer. Yumeta Company and Graphinica are the animation production companies.

Meanwhile, the cast includes Yurina Uchiyama as Haruna Mutsuishi, Nene Hieda as Maika Takatori, Kyouka Moriya as Shiho Kano, Yuna Ogata as Honoka Tsukii, Ayaka Takamura as Yūki Tendou, Satsuki Miyahara as Chisa Akagawa, Mayu Iizuka as Airi Eniwa, Manatsu Murakami as Yuzuha Kujou, Yukari Anzai as Miharu Yomine, Saki Matsuda as Aya Kamuro, Megumi Yamaguchi as Mahoro Miyaji, Arisa Tsuruno as Riko Hinakura, Hina Tachibana as Rie Maruyama, Ami Komine as Satori Utsugi, Mai Satou as Rinne Myoujin, and Rio Tsuchiya as Mei Tōmi.

Source: CUE! anime Twtiter

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