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Grand Summoners the #1 Anime RPG features an exclusive Personality Quiz to let you find your most compatible MUSHOKU TENSEI character!

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Find out which of 6 characters including Mushoku Tensei’s Rudeus, Roxy, Eris, and Sylphiette you’re most compatible with!

By sharing your Personality Quiz results on Twitter, you can win TONS of prizes including an Eris Nendoroid, a $100 Amazon Gift Card, 100 Crystals as well as an ULTIMATE Grand Summoners package!

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Grand Summoners is an epic RPG with heated, real-time battles and impressive pixel art — featuring the hottest anime crossovers!

Grand Summoners’ brand-new crossover with MUSHOKU TENSEI features Rudeus, Roxy, Eris, and Sylphiette as powerful fully playable Legends!

Check their stunning pixel artwork and explosive moves in this special preview!

Work together with 4 fellow Summoners to defeat bosses in Multiplayer! The Arena features PvP content where players face-off using their best units and equipment. You can also team up and compete in 12-player Raids for valuable rewards!

Top 10 Tips for Grand Summoners

Grand Summoners’ single-player content is just as memorable, featuring a deep Main Story mode spanning 50-plus hours of gameplay, with new events added weekly. Players can earn over 1,000 Crystals by completing all the single-player missions combined!

Main Story Digest

Summon for FREE Mushoku Tensei legends every day!

Get a daily chance to summon 5-star Rudeus, Roxy, Eris, and Sylphiette for free during the entire crossover! Play every day to complete your Mushoku Tensei team!

Anime-Inspired High Quality Unit Artwork:

Mushoku Tensei Legends’ illustrations and pixel animation brings Rudeus and friends to life as if they’re straight from the anime series!

Free Mushoku Tensei-inspired equipment

Get Mushoku Tensei-inspired equipment for a limited time! Play the Crossover Event to make the following equips yours!

Farmable Mushoku Tensei Event Equipment:

  • Roxy’s Hat (Defense ★5)
  • Eris’ Sword (Physical Attack ★5)

Anime-Inspired High Quality Unit Artwork:

Mushoku Tensei Legends’ illustrations and pixel animation brings Rudeus and friends to life as if they’re straight from the anime series!

Unleash the Mushoku Tensei legends’ power with signature equips!

Mushoku Tensei fans can also summon exclusive equipment straight from the anime to unlock their crossover legends’ true potential!

Limited Mushoku Tensei Equipment:

  • Aqua Heartia (Support ★5)
  • Eris’ Training Attire (Attack ★5)
  • Sylphiette’s Outfit (Heal ★5)

Talk with friends using Mushoku Tensei Chat Stickers!

Chat with chibi-style crossover stickers! Collect the set of key moments from the series’ 4 heroes as well as special appearances from Rudeus’ parents, Paul and Zenith!

Fully Voiced by Mushoku Tensei’s Original Cast:

The Mushoku Tensei crossover features voiceovers from the original cast! Collect all four crossover units to hear their iconic lines in Japanese!

  • Eris Boreas Greyrat, voiced by Ai Kakuma


Experience the ultimate RPG action on mobile with the epic MUSHOKU TENSEI crossover! Play GRAND SUMMONERS today on iOS and Android. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and visit our website for the latest on GS!

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