Azur Lane To Get Gridman and Dynazenon Collaboration

Characters from the SSSS.Gridman and SSSS.Dynazenon anime are set to appear in shoot-em-up game Azur Lane in a new collaboration, which will kick off on November 25. 

The characters who will appear include:


  • Rikka Takarada – SSR Light Cruiser
  • Akane Shinjou – SSR Battleship
  • Namiko – SR Heavy Cruiser
  • Hass – SR Light Cruiser


  • Yume Minami – SSR Heavy Cruiser
  • Chise Asukagawa – SSR Aircraft Carrier
  • Mujina – SR Battleship

There will be alternate skins for the collaboration characters as well, including:

  • Bluesky Station (Rikka)
  • Futari Bocchi no Kyuujitsu (Akane)
  • Madobe ni Hiraku Yume (Yume)
  • Kimi to Oyogu Sora (Chise)
  • Kogane no Yuuhodou (Mujina)
  • Meets in Street (Namiko)
  • Bokou Lipo Haishinchuu (Hass)

An animation trailer for the collaboration was also released, with the staff including Yuuichi Shimodaira (SSSS.Dynazenon episode director) as director and Masaru Sakamoto (SSSS.Dynazenon character designer and chief animation director) as animation director. Other Dynazenon staff who worked on the trailer include Goofy Inc.’s Taketo Gonpei as art director, Hitoki Takeda as color designer, and Graphinica’s Katsunori Shiradou as photography director. TRIGGER is the animation production company.

Source: Azur Lane YouTube channel

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