Rusted Armors Anime Gets New PV, Reveals Staff, Theme Song Artists, January 9 Premiere Date

The official website for the upcoming Sabiiro no Armor (Rusted Armors) anime revealed a second promotional video revealing the anime’s main staff, January 9 premiere date, and the opening theme song “Faith” by Taiki Satou, Toshiki Masuda, and Ryuuji Satou as their respective characters.

The anime’s staff includes Shinmei Kawahara (Tōfu Kozō) as director and Ohine Ezaki (The Rising of The Shield Hero) as series scriptwriter and supervisor. The animation production will be from Kigumi.

Taiki Sato and Toshiki Masuda, who play Magoichi and Oda Saburo Nobunaga respectively in the stage play, were previously revealed to be reprising their roles for the anime. Other cast members include Kentarou Araki as Tsurukubi, Takato Nagata as Hotarubi, Yuuichirou Hirata as Kurohyo, spi as Deku, Yuuki Kamisato as Ageha, Tsubasa Sakiyama as Hototogisu, and Ryuuji Satou as Lucio Cortes.

Rusted Armors is is part of a “reverse 2.5D project” that began in 2019. The mixed-media project currently includes a stage play and two manga volumes, with the play currently in its third part.

Rusted Armors is described as featuring an original story based on historical fact. It takes place in a time of war and revolves around two men who dream of unifying the country. A trailer was released on September 30.

Source: Rusted Armors Twitter account

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