Netflix Teases Detective Conan Spin-offs The Culprit Hanzawa and Zero’s Tea Time

Netflix revealed as part of its Netflix Festival Japan 2021 event that it will stream the Case Closed spin-offs Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa and Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time. A release date was not revealed.

Both anime were first announced in October with a teaser trailer. Netflix has uploaded an English-translated version of the trailer.

The Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa manga by Mayuko Kanba began in 2017 and is set to receive its sixth volume on October 18, 2021. It is a criminal gag manga with a protagonist that resembles the silhouetted figure used to depict unknown persons in the main series.

Meanwhile, the Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time manga by Takahiro Arai began in 2018 and will receive its fifth volume on October 18, 2021. It follows the Case Closed character Rei Furuya.

Goushou Aoyama’s Case Closed, or Great Detective Conan in Japanese, began in 1994 and has 99 volumes as of April 2021. The 100th volume is set to release on October 18. A TV anime adaptation began in 1996 and is still on-going. There have also been various OVA and movie adaptations.

Source: Netflix Anime Twitter

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