Sharedol Pilot Film Released

Sharedol, the “Edo x Idol”-themed pilot film produced by Toei Animation’s Prototyping and Experimental Research in Oizumi Studio (PEROs) and Sotsu, has been released on YouTube.

The staff includes Yoshihiro Kanno (Tamaya Anime CM “Takusareta Omoi Hen”; Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld storyboarder, action animation director, et al.) as director, Minami Yoshida (Manaria Friends) as character designer and chief animation director, Kenji Matsumoto (Akiba’s Trip The Animation) as art designer, Takashi Nagata (Tamaya Anime CM “Takusareta Omoi Hen”) as color designer, and Ryoutaro Nakano (Tawawa on Monday) as photography director.

Sharedol is set during the Kansei era, during which the Rōjū Matsudaira Sadanobu’s reforms restricts the common folk’s ability to experience entertainment. It follows several girls who harbor worries while going about their lives. “The girls’ feelings will erupt as ‘idols’,” described a press release. 

Source: Toei Animation YouTube channel

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