New Police in a Pod Trailer Released, January 2022 Release Revealed

The upcoming police anime Police in a Pod has received a new trailer and a January 2022 release window. Additional staff and character details were also released.

The newly announced staff includes Tōru Ishida (Log HorizonDestruction of the Round Table episode director) as assistant director, Harue Ohno (Chihayafuru Season 3) as color designer, and Hironobu Hatanaka as photgraphy director. Kazuyuki Hashimoto (Back Arrow art director) and Norihiko Yokomatsu (Godzilla Singular Point art director) are handling the art boards.

Meanwhile, the newly announced cast includes Ryōta Suzuki as Seiji Minamoto, Shimba Tsuchiya as Takeshi Yamada, and Kana Hanazawa as Miwa Makitaka.

Police in a Pod is an adaptation of Miko Yasu’s manga series, which began in 2017 and has 18 tankōbon volumes as of August 2021. The manga has received a collaboration story published in the Keisatsu Kōron magazine, a spin-off manga, and a live-action TV drama that premiered in July 2021.

Book Walker describes the manga as:

Female police officer Kawai had enough of a career she wasn’t even that into and was about to hand in her registration, when the unthinkable happened—she met the new, female director of her station! And after spending a little time with this gorgeous role model, Kawai realizes that maybe she isn’t quite done being an officer after all.

The previously announced staff includes Yūzō Satō (Magical Warfare) as director, Ryūnosuke Kingetsu (Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight) as series composer, and Kei Tsuchiya (Laidbackers) as character designer. MADHOUSE is the animation production studio.

Shion Wakayama and Yui Ishikawa are voicing lead characters Mai Kawai and Seiko Fuji respectively.

Source: Police in a Pod website

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