“Edo x Idol” Pilot Film Sharedol Announced

An “Edo x Idol”-themed pilot anime film titled Sharedol has been announced. Produced by Toei Animation’s Prototyping and Experimental Research in Oizumi Studio (PEROs) and Sotsu, The pilot will be released via YouTube on October 25.

Sharedol is set during the Kansei era, during which the Rōjū Matsudaira Sadanobu’s reforms restricts the common folk’s ability to experience entertainment. It will follow several girls who harbor worries while going about their lives. “The girls’ feelings will erupt as ‘idols’,” says the press release. 

A preview of one of the characters’ designs and several shots were released. The characters do not have names or voice actors at the time of writing. 

The press release says that the project’s development is based on three factors, including the transformation of media, training of personnel, and the creation of IP and original works. For the third factor, co-creation with fans is mentioned as a necessity.

Source: PR Times, Sharedol Twitter

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