New Bleach: Brave Souls and Burn the Witch Collaboration Introduces Bruno Bangnyfe To The Game

The Bleach: Brave Souls 3D action game is having another collaboration with Burn the Witch. Burn the Witch protagonists Ninny Spangcole and Noel Niihashi are returning as Summons for the second event, which will also see the debut of Bruno Bangnyfe as another Summon in the game.

The collaboration’s Summons event is called Burn the Witch Collaboration Cycle Summons: Magic Circle Corps: Inks. As the press release explains, it “guarantees one ★5 at certain steps. Each step comes with an extra reward and every 5 steps until Step 30 will guarantee one ★5 character.” 

Bruno’s presence will also be felt through Bruno’s Challenge, which consists of a Social Media Mission, an Epic Raid Mission, and a Discord Quiz Mission. The Social Media Mission requires over 5,000 worldwide reactions to a specified campaign post, with the total being calculated from the combined number of “Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram likes, comments, retweets, and shares” on the game’s official accounts. It will reward five Brave Souls Summons Ticket when cleared.

Meanwhile, the Epic Raid Mission requires the Kon’s Burn the Witch Challenge, an up-to-six-players multiplayer Quiz Raid, to be cleared 80,000 times worldwide, with the reward coming in the form of 25 Spirit Orbs. The Raid itself will reward Raid Medals for correct answers, with the medals being exchangeable with rewards like the Osushi Familiar.

As for the Discord Quiz Mission, it involves answering quiz questions in the official Discord server’s #Quiz-campaign channel during the campaign period. Three four-star/five-star Summons Tickets will be rewarded when 3,000 people provide correct answers. In all three cases, the rewards will be sent to players’ in-game Gift Boxes after October 28. 

Various other bonuses and special events were also announced, such as the Burn the Witch Collaboration Login Bonus, the Once a Day! Osushi’s Present Bonanza present quest, and the Free Brave Souls Summons Mix. Elsewhere, there is a Burn the Witch collaboration stage for the new Arena SEASON, three Brave Souls Support Pack types on sale, and the Burn the Witch collaboration Special Orders, Link Slot Potion and Droplet drop rate x2 campaign. 

The Burn the Witch Collaboration Cycle Summons: Magic Circle Corps: Inks event, Free Brave Souls Summons Mix, Quiz Raid Kon’s Burn the Witch Challenge!, and the Brave Souls Support Packs sale will last until October 31 (UTC+9). Bruno’s Challenge will run until October 25 (UTC+9), while the Once a Day! Osushi’s Present Bonanza will run until October 17 (UTC+9).

Source: Press release

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