The Irregular at Magic High School Anime Begins Reminiscence Arc in Winter

The Irregular at Magic High School will begin its Reminiscence arc in Winter. A visual and a brief trailer were released. 

The announcement comes after the end of the spin-off series, The Honor Student at Magic High School.

The Irregular at Magic High School: Reminiscence Arc‘s staff includes returning The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor’s Arc staff like Risako Yoshida as director, Jimmy Stone as assistant director, Lightworks’ Muneo Nakamoto as scriptwriter, Kana Ishida as character designer and chief animation director, Sakura Komatsu as color designer, Yūki Kawashita as photography director, and Taku Iwasaki as music composer. Eight Bit is the animation production company.

Meanwhile, the cast includes Yūichi Nakamura as Tatsuya Shiba, Saori Hayami as Miyuki Shiba, Kikuko Inoue as Miya Yotsuba, and Aya Endō as Honami Sakurai.

The Irregular at Magic High School began as a web novel by Tsutomu Satō on the Shōsetsuka Ni Narō website in 2008. It became a light novel series with illustrations from Kana Ishida in March 2011. The light novel series ended with 32 volumes in September 2020. 

A sequel series began in October 2020, with two volumes published as of April 2021. The light novels have also inspired various spin-offs, manga adaptations, and anime adaptations. The first anime season aired in 2014 with Madhouse as the animation production company, while Visitor’s Arc aired in 2020 with Eight Bit producing. Eight Bit also produced The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie: The Girl Who Calls the Stars movie, which was released between the two seasons in 2017.

Yen Press describes the eight volume of The Irregular at Magic High School, which covers the Reminiscence arc, as:

Looking at Miyuki and Tatsuya now, it might be hard to imagine them as anything other than loving siblings. But it wasn’t always this way…
Three years ago, Miyuki was always uncomfortable around her older brother. The rest of their family treated him no better than a lowly servant, even though he was the perfect Guardian, watching over Miyuki while she lived a normal middle school life. But what really bothered her was that he never showed any emotions or thoughts of his own.
However, when danger comes calling during a fateful trip to Okinawa, their relationship as brother and sister will change forever…

Meanwhile, Crunchyroll describes the first season of The Irregular at Magic High School anime as:

Based on the light novel by Tsutomu Sato, The irregular at magic high school is set in a world where magic exists but instead of using chants and spells, magic users cast spells with their Casting Assistant Device (CAD). The CAD is infused with the user’s Psions (a substance-less thought particle) that activates the device and constructs the magic ritual.

Source: The Irregular at Magic High School TV anime series Twitter

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