Pop in Q Staff Reunite for Anime Trailer for Upcoming Novels

An anime trailer for the upcoming Tokimoritachi no Last Dance and Tanabata no Yoru ni Okaeri novels has been released. The trailer is directed by Pop in Q‘s Naoki Miyahara, with the YouTube description also describing the trailer as being produced by the 2016 movie’s staff.

Pop in Q‘s original character designer Kōhaku Kuroboshi is credited with the same role for the trailer. The trailer also sees the return of Pop in Q castmates Asami Seto, Shiori Izawa, Atsumi Tanezaki, Ari Ozawa, and Tomoyo Kurosawa.

The trailer features the theme song “Otogibanashi” (“Fairy Tale”) by Yūki Tsujimura feat. Isumi Kominato. Isumi is Seto’s Pop in Q character.

Tokimoritachi no Last Dance and Tanabata no Yoru ni Okaeri are set to release on October 14. Both are penned by Sen’ya Mihagi, with Izumi Tōdō being credited as the original creator for Tokimoritachi no Last Dance. Tōdō is also the original creator of Pop in Q.

The trailer is a collaboration between Toei Animation and the Kawade Shobō Shinsha publishing company. It is part of the project20 crowdfunding campaign, of which Tokimoritachi no Last Dance is a part of as well. 

project20 is described as a “Pop in Q NEXT STAGE! New Full-length Novel and Anime PV Production Project.” Crowdfunding began on December 7, 2020 and ended on January 25, 2021 with 25,669,319 yen (~US$233,292.76), surpassing the project’s goal of 14,500,000 yen (~US$132,305.31). It was preceded by project19, which funded several short stories that saw Pop in Q‘s heroines as high school students.

The Japan Foundation Australia describes Pop in Q, which was made to celebrate Toei’s 60th anniversary, as:

Young girls stand up together to overcome adversity and save the world in this fantasy idol anime commemorating the sixteenth anniversary of Toei Animation. From the director of “Pretty Cure”, the magical girls anime metaseries that has swept Japan and now culminated into 16 seasons,  Naoki Miyahara directs “Pop in Q”.

Third year middle-schooler and track and field athlete Isumi (Seto Asami) is told by her parents that she must move to Tokyo with them. In frustration, Isumi runs to the beach and comes across a mysterious crystal shard. Upon picking it up, she is transported to another world and encounters a strange life-form calling itself a Pokon. The Pokon tells her that time and space is in danger of collapsing, and that there is only one way to save it – dance!

Meanwhile, Tokimoritachi no Last Dance sees Isumi, who is a first-year high school student in the story, forming a dance unit with her classmates. Behind the scenes, however, a surprising plan is underway. The novel is described as a moving youth fantasy that tackles the deliverance of a world where strange phenomena frequently occur. Its segment in the trailer ends with the words, “The final dance begins!”

As for Tanabata no Yoru ni Okaeri, its story takes place after the sudden death of a genius called Satoshi. His phone is entrusted with Iori, who was like a sibling to Satoshi. Two years later, the phone begins to receive mysterious emails. The novel is described as a moving youth fantasy in which the research that Satoshi left behind causes a miracle to occur on the night of the summer festival. 

Source: Pop in Q Twitter

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