Tokyo Revengers ED Artist eill Releases “Plastic Love” Cover

eill and Mariya Takeuchi

eill, the artist behind Tokyo Revengers’ ending theme song, “Koko de Iki wo Shite,” has made a cover of Mariya Takeuchi’s “Plastic Love.” The cover was released on September 7 and is available on both Spotify and YouTube.


eill made her debut as an artist in 2018 with a mini-album titled MAKUAKE, which was quickly followed by her solo hit “Koko de Iki Wo Shite.” Both works are included on her Spotify page, alongside other hits like “SPOTLIGHT,” “Odorasenaide,” and “Katappo”. She currently has a total of three albums and 15 singles. 

Meanwhile, “Plastic Love” was originally released in 1984, but rose to fame back in 2017 thanks to YouTube’s recommendation algorithm amidst the resurgence of the city pop and vaporwave music genre. 

“Koko de Iki wo Shite” is one of the songs nominated for Ending Theme Song of the Year 2021 in the upcoming 8th Anime Trending Awards, which is tentatively scheduled for February 2022. Tokyo Revengers has also secured five other nominations for the upcoming awards, plus a potential nomination for Anime of the Year 2021 if it wins the wildcard selection poll scheduled for December 2021. 

Muse Asia describes the anime as:

Takemichi Hanagaki is a part-time timer whose life is at rock bottom.

Later he learns that the only girlfriend he ever had in his life whom he dated back in middle school, Hinata Tachibana had been killed by the “Tokyo Manji Gang,” a group of vicious criminals.

The day after he learned about the incident, Takemichi’s standing on a station platform and got his back pushed onto the railroad by someone. Thinking he would die from the fall, he closes his eyes. However, when he opens it back, he somehow finds himself traveled back twelve years into the past.

Now that he returned to the peak of his life, the middle school days twelve years ago, in order to save his girlfriend, in order to change himself who had been running away all these time, Takemichi started his Revenge on his life!

Source: eill Official Twitter

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