Dance Dance Danseur Anime To Release 2022, MAPPA Producing

MAPPA has announced that it is the animation production studio for the Dance Dance Danseur anime that was announced in April. It also revealed main staff details, a key visual, and a 2022 release date. 

The staff includes Munehisa Sakai (ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE) as the director, Yoshimi Narita (I-Chu) as the series composer, and Hitomi Hasegawa (Twittering Birds Never Fly – The Clouds Gather animation director) as the character designer. 

Dance Dance Danseur is based on the ongoing manga by George Asakura, which began in 2015 and has 20 tankōbon volumes as of April 2021. The story follows Junpei Murao, who has been interested in ballet since childhood but takes up Jeet Kune Do after his father’s death to be more “manly.” One day, the transfer student Miyako Godai, whose mother runs a ballet studio, appears before Junpei. Noticing the boy’s interest in the dance he had given up on, she invites him to the world of ballet.

Source: MAPPA Twitter

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