Laid-Back Camp’s Rin Shima Featured on Green Tea Package

Japanese company Kimikura, which specializes in tea, is collaborating with Afro’s Laid-Back Camp (Yuru Camp) series.

A package of green tea called “Himekura,” which features an illustration of the character Rin Shima enjoying a hot cup of green tea, will go on sale for 1,480 yen (US$13.49) as part of the collaboration. The product will ship after September 17.

The product is inspired by the second episode of Laid-Back Camp’s second season, in which Rin’s mother asks her to purchase tea from a tea store. Rin is recommended a tea called “Himekura” by the clerk serving her.

The product’s webpage says that the tea leaves are harvested and then rested over summer in a mountain tunnel located in Shizuoka prefecture to mature so it has a very mild taste.

Kimikura states that they want the customers to be able to relax and drink the tea so they decided to use Rin Shima on the package.

Source: Kimikura

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