“BanG Dream! FILM LIVE 2nd Stage” Streaming Date Announced

Bushiroad USA announced in a press release on Friday the streaming dates for the BanG Dream! FILM LIVE 2nd Stage movie. The film will be available in the US and Canada on the streaming platform Eventive from September 18 to November 21.  

Bushiroad describes the film as:

This time, 2 new bands will be joining “Poppin’Party”, “Afterglow”, “Pastel✽Palettes”, “Roselia”, and “Hello, Happy World!” on stage!

“Morfonica”, a symphonic band with a fantastic world view, and “RAISE A SUILEN”, a rock band declaring to be the best!

What will the 7 bands aim for on the “2nd Stage”?

There will be three versions of the movie. Each version will have a different encore ending depending on the showing.  

Encore Ending #1: September 18th – October 9th

Encore Ending #2: October 10th – October 30th 

Encore Ending #3: October 31st – November 21st

Preorder tickets for Encore Ending #1 are available now for US$20 on the Eventive website.

Merchandise for the BanG Dream! FILM LIVE 2nd Stage is available on the Bushiroad Global Online Store.

Source: press release

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