Shimamura Store Selling Laid-Back Camp Bedding Items For A Limited Time

Japan’s Shimamura clothing store is selling made-to-order bedding items featuring Laid-Back Camp (Yuru Camp) designs on its website from now until August 29. The items will be shipped in mid-November.

The Laid-Back Camp items on sale include bed covers, pillow covers, a lap blanket, a half-sized blanket, and pillows. All of them feature images of one or more characters from the popular anime adaptation as part of their designs.

The Laid-Back Camp bedding items and their respective tax-inclusive prices are:

  • Bed covers (210cmx150cm) – 1,790 yen (~US$16.34) each
  • Pillow covers (43cm×63cm) – 490 yen (~US$4.47) each
  • Lap blanket (70cmx100cm) – 1,290 yen (~US$11.77) 
  • Half-sized blanket (140cmx100cm) – 1,790 yen (~US$16.34)
  • Pillows (43cm×63cm) – 1,290 yen (~US$11.77) each

Sources: Shimamura Twitter and website, Otakomu

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