Part 2 of BanG Dream! Roselia Film Inbound For Singapore

Muse Asia announced the release of BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia II:Song I am for Singapore. The 70-minute film will provide the original Japanese dub, with English and Chinese subtitles. A fan’s screening is scheduled for August 21, with general screenings starting from August 26. Advance ticket sales will go live from August 12. Fans who attend the August 26 fan’s screening will also have a chance to win an autographed board signed by the Roselia voice actors.

The film was first released on June 25 in Japan this year, with the first movie titled BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I: Promise opening in Japan’s theaters on April 23. 

Atsushi Mimura directed both films at SANZIGEN, with Kōdai Kakimoto as general director. Takaaki Kidani served as executive producer, with Kakimoto Koudai as screenplay writer and Yuki Makino as art director. Noriyasu Agematsu and Junpei Fujita of Elements Garden were in charge of the music production. 

The cast features Aina Aiba as Yukina Minato, Haruka Kudō as Sayo Hikawa, Yuki Nakashima as Lisa Imai, Megu Sakuragawa as Ako Udagawa, and Kanon Shizaki as Rinko Shirokane.

The film is part of the BanG Dream! franchise by Bushiroad, which launched in January 2015. The band Poppin’Party debuted in February 2015, and other bands in the franchise include Hello, Happy World!, Afterglow, Roselia, Pastel*Palettes, RAISE A SUILEN, Morƒonica, and an all-male band called Argonavis. 

The BanG Dream! television anime’s first season premiered in January 2017, with the second and third seasons airing in January 2019 and January 2020 respectively. ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!, a spin-off anime featuring the male band Argonavis, aired in April 2020. Upcoming films include BanG Dream! Poppin’ Dream!, which is slated for 2022, and BanG Dream! FILM LIVE 2nd Stage. Argonavis is also receiving a compilation film titled Gekijōban Argonavis from BanG Dream! Prelude, which is slated to air in Fall 2021, as well as a new film project that is slated for release in Summer 2022.

Muse Asia describes the upcoming film as:

It takes the five of us to be “us.”

After overcoming numerous tribulations, the members of Roselia promised to appear on FUTURE WORLD FES.
It is now Autumn…
Through writing the lyrics of “Promise,” Lisa has matured.
Watching the change of color in the autumn leaves, Yukina and Sayo expressed their resolve in a picture letter to their future selves.
Driven by the wish to do something for Roselia, Rinko has started to compose a new song.
“The remaining quests are the contest, the tournament, and FUTURE WORLD FES…”
Reflecting on their goals, Ako starts to feel anxious.

What view will the five of them see beyond FUTURE WORLD FES?

Source: Muse Asia

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