Studio Tonton Releases Black Sun Promotional Teaser, Teases Two New Projects

Studio Tonton has released an animated promotional teaser for Black Sun, a fantasy action webtoon written by Play and illustrated by Miin.

The teaser is meant to promote Black Sun‘s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for an animated series. However, Tonton says that it won’t be in charge of the main project. 

While Tonton won’t be producing the full Black Sun animated series, the studio revealed that it was in the process of producing two projects that will have a longer format than its currently released works. Tonton previously released a fan-made Naruto opening and a Chainsaw Man fan animation in May.

Self-described as an “amateur studio creating fanmade animation,” Tonton’s origins stem from a Discord server called NarutoSakuga. Tonton producer Blou told Sakuga Blog that he had joked that the members should create their own anime after complimenting a drawing. “But as it turns out, someone took it somewhat seriously, leading to more people joining and getting all excited about it. At that point, I felt like I had no choice, they were simply waiting for me to give them the go-ahead,” he said.

Blou had also been involved with the Winter 2021 anime Wonder Egg Priority in an “Animation Overseas Assistance” role. As he explained to Anime News Network, “On WEP, I had to find animators who would accept to do key animation for the cuts I was given. I would also explain some stuff in case it was their first time or if the cut had some particularities. When they were done, I carefully checked if everything was done correctly. Then at the end, I made sure the folder organization was done the way the production staff asked for, and sent the cut to the producer.”

Source: Studio Tonton Twitter

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