Studio KAI To Produce Kamen Rider W Sequel FUUTO PI, Image Board Released

Studio KAI (Super Cub, Umamusume: Pretty Derby Season 2) is producing the anime adaptation of FUUTO PI, an official manga sequel to the 2009-2010 live action Kamen Rider W tokusatsu series. An image board for the anime was also released with the announcement.

Announced in April, the FUUTO PI anime is meant to commemorate the Kamen Rider franchise’s 50th anniversary and is set to release in Summer 2022. The anime will stream on Funimation. 

The manga began in 2017 and is written by Riku Sanjō with illustrations from Masaki Sato. The Kamen Rider website describes FUUTO PI as:

FUUTO is under the protection of Shotaro and Philip, But bizarre incidents continue to occur frequently on the far side of the city.

Tokime, a mysterious beauty, appears and a new evil casts its shadow over the windy city. It’s the beginning of a new battle for Kamen Rider W.

Meanwhile, Kamen Rider W is described as:

In the 11th Kamen Rider series of the Heisei era, detective Shotaro Hidari and his mysterious sidekick Philip transmute into Kamen Rider W (Double). Maintaining the mystery elements of a detective drama, the series also focused on comical interactions between the main characters and the people of their city.

Source: Kamen Rider website

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