Masaaki Yuasa-directed Inu-Oh Movie Gets First Trailer, Early Summer 2022 Release

The upcoming Inu-Oh movie from director Masaaki Yuasa has received its first trailer. The movie will release in early summer 2022 and is also set to compete in the Venice International Film Festival’s Horizons category.

The staff includes Akiko Nogi (The Voice of Sin live-action movie) as scriptwriter, Taiyō Matsumoto (Ping Pong the Animation) as original character designer, and Yoshimichi Kameda (Mob Psycho 100 character designer) and Satoshi Nakano (Pokémon Sun and Moon character designer) as chief animation directors. Aside from the two chief ADs, there are also nine animation directors listed.

Other staff include Takeki Nakamura (Natsunagu!) as art director, Yūko Kobari (High-rise Invasion) as color designer, Yoshihiro Sekiya (Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop) as photography director, and Ōtomo Yoshihide as music composer. Science SARU is in charge of the animation production.

Meanwhile, the cast includes Queen Bee lead vocalist Avu-chan and Mirai Moriyama.

Asmik Ace describes the show as:

Inu-Oh is a real person lived in the 14th century. He is a Noh dancer and extremely popular in that era. However, he is all but unknown to people nowadays, because only few documents about his life has left.

Inu-Oh has a tangled fate. He was born with a deformity. His parents covered his face and body with a mask and fabric. But he is aggressive and sassy.

One day, Inu-Oh meets a boy. He is a blind Biwa player called Tomona.

“You should make a song of my life with Biwa.”

Tomona starts to make a song of Inu-Oh’s life and play it with Biwa. By and by, they becomes best business partners tied with a strong friendship to survive their lives, and blooms their talent. Once Inu-Oh attracts the audience by dancing on the stage, his body is transformed. They rise to stardom over night.

Why Tomona lost his eyesight? Why Inu-Oh was born as a deformed child?

To find the truth, and lift a curse with each other, they sing and dance.

A musical animation focusing on two pop stars!

Sources: Asmik Ace YouTube channel, Eunyeong Choi Twitter

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