The Girls From Kantai Collection Take Over Lawson in Japan

Kantai Collection has teamed up with Japanese convenience store franchise chain Lawson to offer various goods that feature characters from the series. The event, which started on July 20, will run until stocks last.

The goods include various consumables like the Lemon Squash drink, which costs 168 yen (US$1.53) each and has three designs to collect, and a limited time alcoholic beverage that costs 198 yen (US$1.80).

There is also the Setouchi Lemon Sou, which features Hiryuu on the can, and the Sasebo Unshu Mikan Sour drink that features Yura.

Meanwhile, the Cocolang cookies include a total of eight individually wrapped coconut cookies with one random can badge (with eight designs to collect) for 737 yen (US$6.68) per box.

Outside of drinks and snacks, each store will have a limited stock of 12 mini tapestries with two designs that will be part of a product campaign. For each purchase of a product that’s featured in the campaign, you will receive one mini tapestry of your choice.

Additionally, if you purchase three of the campaign’s products, you will receive one clear file of your choice. There are a total of three designs to choose from.


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