Kaijin Kaihatsubu no Kuroitsu-san Manga Receives Anime Adaptation

An anime adaptation of Hiroaki Mizusaki’s Kaijin Kaihatsubu no Kuroitsu-san (Kuroitsu-san from the Monster Development Department) manga has been announced. 

The announcement, made by publisher Flex Comics, did not include a premiere date or other information about the adaptation.

The manga follows Tōka Kuroitsu, an assistant researcher at an evil organization whose struggle is not with heroes of justice, but with office issues like presentations, drawing up proposals, and dealing with her superior’s unreasonable requests.

The comedy manga launched in April 2019 on Flex Comics’ Comic Meteor website, with the second tankōbon volume slated for release on July 12.

Source: Comic Natalie (via Anime News Network)

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