New MAPPA Office Unveiled By Architecture Photo Website

Image source: Architecture Photo

Architecture Photo has uploaded a post about a new MAPPA office designed by architect Akira Koyama and his Key Operation Inc. company. 

The Architecture Photo tweet claimed that the new annex’s design was conscious of providing an improved work environment and paid attention to elements like the selection of desk material and a lounge space. The building has a total floor space of 468m². Like the main MAPPA building, it is situated in Suginami City.

Chainsaw Man director Ryū Nakayama said in a retweet that the anime is being produced at this new office, which was completed in June. However, it is unknown how much of the production is being handled at the location.

In its website post, Architecture Photo (as translated by Anime News Network) said, “In the future, we are thinking of gathering all the annex studios for this production company into one big site along the Chuo line. We will create an ‘animators village’ brimming with nature, and establish it alongside a shop and café that fans can also visit.”

Architecture Photo’s post about MAPPA’s new annex happens to come days after the animation studio’s shortcomings were highlighted on July 2. ANN reported that an animator had been paid $250 yen (~$2) “for in-between animation at a subcontracting studio for a film project made by ‘the company that recently made a viral PV.'” The animator’s tweet had been made the day after the release of the Chainsaw Man anime’s teaser, which has almost seven million views at the time of writing. An animation director for Mars Red replied that “that company” looked down on in-between animation and painting.

The main subject of the ANN report was another animator who spoke out against the low rates paid to animators for a Netflix anime produced at MAPPA. Although this animator later added that their issue was with Netflix, Sakuga Blog’s Kevin Cirugeda noted — in a thread that also highlighted various other MAPPA shortcomings — that MAPPA’s management had asked them to delete the tweet (which is still available at the time of writing). 

In May, ANN reported that a freelance animator who worked on Attack on Titan: The Final Season had left MAPPA due to terrible work conditions.

Update 1: Changed headline from “Chainsaw Man To be Produced At New MAPPA Office” to current title, and made note that it is unknown how much of Chainsaw Man‘s production is taking place at the new office.

Update 2: Added information about “animator’s village.”

Source: Architecture Photo Twitter

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