Yoasobi Releases New Music Video By Horimiya Team

Japanese music duo Yoasobi has released a new animated music video for their song “Sangenshoku” (“Trichromatic”), which features Cloverworks as the animation production studio.

The music video is directed and storyboarded by Horimiya and Persona5 The Animation’s Masashi Ishihama with character designs from Kimi ni Todoke – From Me To You’s Shōko Nakamura. Aside from Ishihama, the staff includes several other Horimiya alumni such as color designer, color coordinator, and inspector Asuka Yokota, art director Hisayo Usui, and photography director Yūya Sakuma.

On July 2, Ishihama wrote in a Twitter thread, “My dream of directing a music video finally came true.” 

Ishihama noted that the staff that participated in the music video’s production was roughly the same as the Horimiya team. He also gave a shout out to Nakamura and her character designs.

Source: Ayase / Yoasobi YouTube channel

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