Chart Recap: AT’s Weekly Charts for Week#9 of Spring 2021

The battle for the final nomination spots for the 8th Anime Trending Awards heats up as the season winds down for its finale in two weeks!

Tokyo Revengers might just have one final shot for an Anime of the Year nomination as it moves up to the second spot in the latest anime weekly charts — its highest ever ranking this season. If it manages to win the final top anime charts this season, or at least be the highest ranking anime of the last week that are not among the four probable AOTY nominees (HIGEHIRO, Fruits Basket, 86 EIGHTY-SIX, Vivy: Flourite Eye’s Song), it can automatically qualify for Anime Trending’s major title even if it did not have quite a stellar performance in its early rankings this season, courtesy of AT’s “Last Week Advantage” (LWA) rule. (See the LWA section below for more details).

Top 10 Anime Weekly Charts - Spring 2021 Week 9
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86 EIGHTY-SIX returns to the top spot, four weeks since it last did so, jumping to the fifth spot last week. It topples Vivy: Flourite Eye’s Song, which drops to the third spot after winning the weekly charts for the first time last week. HIGEHIRO continues to hog the fourth spot for the fifth straight week,  remaining as the only Anime of the Season contender to not have fallen below the fourth spot. This puts HIGEHIRO with an advantage with the three weeks it won so far.

Fruits Basket falls from second to fifth this week. Not only did it have a steep decline in the top anime rankings, but it also fell dramatically in the other charts this week with its main leads, Kyou Souma and Tohru Honda, falling both to the fourth spot of the male and female rankings respectively.

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Meanwhile, Yoshida and Sayu Ogiwara (HIGEHIRO) simultaneously took over the top spots from the Fruits Basket leads. It is Yoshida’s third time at the top spot this season, while it is Ogiwara’s second time. The combined rankings across the charts may just mark the renaissance of HIGEHIRO as the show continues to hold onto the fourth spot in the top anime rankings for five consecutive weeks.

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Strangely enough, Fruits Basket lost the top spot of the couple-ship charts that it held for six consecutive weeks to Ryou Amakusa and Ichika Arima (Koikimo). Against all odds, the pair managed to win this week with its controversial premise featuring an age-gap romance.  Ryou and Ichika also advance through their corresponding character charts, notably with Amakusa moving from the fourth spot to the second spot. This week’s chart features a rare and remarkable feat: two fully grown male adults, Yoshida from HIGEHIRO and Ryou from Koikimo, simultaneously occupying the top two spots of the male character characters. In general, character charts are notably dominated by up-and-coming teenage characters, which may be correlated to the younger voter demographic of anime fans. Arima meanwhile finally breaks into the Top 5 for the first time this season — and she might just have a chance for a nomination as Girl of the Year in the next Anime Trending Awards if she continues to move up the rankings in the final two weeks of the season.  She will need to outperform Hinata Tachibana (Tokyo Revengers), Emilico (Shadows House), and Nagatoro (Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro) for the fifth and final nomination spot for Girl of the Year. The first four spots are virtually secured by Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket), Sayu Ogiwara (HIGEHIRO), Vladilena Mirize (86 EIGHTY-SIX), and Vivy (Vivy: Flourite Eye’s Song) since none of them have fallen below the Top 4 for the last 7 weeks.

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Outside of the Top 10 Charts, significant big rank improvements were recorded. Pretty Boy Detective Club, written by Nisio Isin (the same writer of the famed Monogatari series) jumps by eight spots to secure the 17th spot in the Top Anime Charts. The former Man of the Year, Koutarou Tatsumi (Zombie Land Saga Revenge) moves from 24th to 17th, his highest ranking this season.. His co-cast, Yuugiri, also makes a significant improvement as she jumps from 21st to 16th place last week in the female rankings.. Zombie Land Saga Revenge has also been rising in the Top Anime Charts lately, as the show’s second season finally reaches its climax when the truth behind its zombie leads are finally unearthed. The series’ first season won the Anime of the Season title for Fall 2018, the first idol musical anime to do so, and it also placed as runner-up for the Anime of the Year Title of 2018 in the 5th Anime Trending Awards. Though they will unlikely be nominated for that major title again through the first nomination rule, going back to the LWA Rule of Anime Trending, it can still get its second nomination for Anime of the Year, a chance for a revenge for its runner-up finish in 2018 for the same title.

Full and Extended Rankings:

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Last Week Advantage Rule

AT’s LWA Rule (found it AT’s Charter’s Article III-B Section 5 and 14) indicates that votes garnered during the final week of the season are doubled, which meant that winning that week would mean they also won twice as their lead would have also doubled. In addition to that, any anime that won that week would automatically qualify for Anime of the Year, even if it did not meet the first rule of nominations which is to either win the season, or at least not trail by 5% to the winner’s vote percentage in the final seasonal tally. If however the winner of the LWA has already qualified via the first nomination rule, the so-called ‘LWA Beneficiary’ will be the next highest-ranking anime of the final week that did not meet the first requirement. The new beneficiary would qualify directly for Anime of the Year if it at least won a week during the entire season. If not, then it qualifies for the wildcard round for Anime of the Year where it will compete with the other LWA Beneficiaries from the other season that had the same fate as it, the winners of the seasonal leftover polls, and the winner of the non-simulcast anime qualifiers – which is competed by anime that did not have an official weekly release and had a bulk release (e.g Netflix Original Anime). 

To know more about Anime Trending’s Implementing Rules and Regulation for its charts, awards, and polls – please refer to its charter page

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